All AOL subscriber data now severely compromised.
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I was actually relatively impressed with thir secrity while I was a CSA for them. (which lasted about two months..) Of course, I was outsourced. They had AV programs on every station, set to automatically update twice a week, random times. I also could not recieve attachments, or mail from any non-internal user. I don't know why they wouldn't make this a standard.

They also required a history to be left for each access to CRIS, explaining exactly why you went there. Not leaving one, even once, got you fired. You'd think that would make stuff like this stand out.

Basically, what's descibed in this article would be highly impossible at the call center I worked at. Someone over there has an inkling of what security means, but they're not applying it consistently.
posted by Freakho at 3:42 AM on June 17, 2000

i dont know about now, but i know about 3 or 4 years ago...

it was a time in my life when i was still living on the streets in san diego. there was a computer dork geek house that my friend zifo and i would crash at occasionally. the kids there had LOTs of computers, expensive ones i might add, and made money buy doing video stuff for people..

but i do recall a few times drinking and doing drugs with them and seeing them online on AOL (at the time version 3 was pretty new, animated gifs were the rave and the blink tag was a porn page standard).. they were fucking with some kids in a chatroom and had access to this thing they called "online cris" of which they could look up the users info such as address and name and phone number, etc.

at the time i thought it was pretty fucking funny (being all doped up) when theyd mess with someone in a chatroom and tell them their own address and phone number publicly, etc.

most of the employees at AOL are all crooked anyhow. i had aol for a good year and through someone who i didnt know personally, just happen to meet on aol, i was able to never pay. my account was creditted with a free month every month.

im quite happy with my no name isp now though =)
posted by sikk at 4:27 PM on June 17, 2000

Gee... any day now, AOL will be as insecure as the phone company. Or VISA. Or your bank.

oooooooh, how scary that will be.

posted by aurelian at 2:43 PM on June 18, 2000

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