Jesus! The Animated Movie.
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Jesus! The Animated Movie. Am I breaking some kind of MeFi law by linking to Neale? Please check out the work of our MetaFilter dad Matt and Neale (a fine father in his own right) and send them a card while you're at it.
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Sweet! So much better than 90% of a recent very short film festival I went to a few nights ago. Submit it here (for $1000).
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Well, I thought he would notice by himself, but since he didn't, I'll embarrass him in public: the <embed> src attribute points to a non-existent file. (just jesus.swf instead of the full path)

Other than that, bravo. Of course, you're both going straight to hell..
posted by Freakho at 11:13 AM on June 17, 2000

I hear it's lovely there this time of year.
posted by Mick at 11:22 AM on June 17, 2000

As interesting as flushing raspberry cheesecake down the toilet. Sure... the creator calls it art. Have you ever been to a swank little gallery in a suave little district? I ask because I know you have. The artist du jour decides to smash bugs between two pieces of glass and heads nod. Arms fold. Poor postured peeps sulk and sneer at the sheer sheerness of it all. . I've had it. This reeks like a polish kithcen. Quit kissing Neale's ass and maybe he will do something captivating.
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Ahhh Mike. Whatever happened to POD2?
posted by Neale at 2:13 AM on June 18, 2000

Oh yeah, that... if you can't tell I have pretty much given up on the entire site for the time being. Hit a nerve Neale?
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Someone's wearing their crabby pants.
posted by Jeremy at 11:17 AM on June 18, 2000

Shows how much you know. I'm not wearing any pants.
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AAAH! He's blogging naked! Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war! Anarchy! Anarchy!

Yes, it's true...I'm a great big jackass.

Anyway, my only real complaint (other than the fact that Neale still hasn't created a new category for Weblog Junior High for me and Eric Brooks could be called Posse Comitatus and have all our old favorites, Jon and Bay and so on...but I digress) is that I couldn't make out the sound, even with my speaker jacked all the way up. But I'm going to try again on my friend's computer, which has a much nicer sound system.

So, when's the Jesus-Buddha Action Hour coming out? I'd be happy to write a few scripts for it...

Buddha: So, remember kids, life itself is dukkha, a never-ending wheel of pain, unless you master your dharma.
Jesus: I'd like to master Dharma myself. Move over, Greg, cause the Savior's gonna give your woman a tongue-lashing! (Sticks out tongue in a lewd manner.) That Jenna Elfman is one fine piece of ass!
Buddha: Jesus! This is a kid's show!

Hmm. All sorts of possibilities. Have you ever noticed that Jesus has a lot in common with Jim Morrison? Handsome guy, whole crowd worth of hangers' on, both of them like to drink blood and hang out with loose women, both of them had books written about them after their deaths by former friends and ex-associates...Buddha, on the other hand, is more like Ben Franklin. Liked to get naked and eat a lot.

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I don't know mike. did I?
As for WJH... like I keep telling nik, once the shmo's is finished i'll add all the submissions... and there's like a hundred of them, so you better wait in line.
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Did you hit a nerve Neale? No. Is that what you meant? Huh? Wha... that whole Buddah thing threw me off. No. I'm feeling much better now, thank you very much. That Jesus thing was very clever. Indeed. Just how does one (Matt) come upon some Jesus action figures?
posted by internook at 2:07 AM on June 19, 2000

Neale: relax. I was trying to be funny. Sure, I probably failed and fell on my big fat pasty ass, but since I made up for it with that scintillating Buddha/Jesus bit, I think we can forgive me.

Another idea is Jesus, the Legendary Journeys, but I'm sure you can all guess how that would go. Or Mary Magdaline, Whore Warrior Princess. (She was a prostitute, that's all I'm saying.) Or even Siddhartha, the Animated Series, where every week Buddha and his team of crime fighters battle the insidious Lord Yama using meditation and self-control. And perhaps utility belts.
posted by Ezrael at 5:53 AM on June 19, 2000

I would like to do a series of Jesus movies... who's got the action figures, a webcam and the time?
posted by Neale at 6:42 AM on June 19, 2000

Jeez i'm curt today.

Wow. I bet no-one has used "curt" in the last 20 years. Next I'll be insisting on lashings of cream for everyone.
posted by Neale at 6:42 AM on June 19, 2000

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