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Tom Wham designed so many of the games I loved when I was a kid. Tucked away in the pages of Dragon Magazine were such classics as The Awful Green Things From Outer Space (Epilogue here), Snit's Revenge, Elefant Hunt and more. Little tiny games with little cutout paper pieces you would lose instantly, they were something to cherish.
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Thank you! I still love Awful Green Things, and I've been having fond memories of Snit's Revenge ever since I was little. Don't think I've see a copy since I was ten, though. Great to see those old friends again. Now if only I could find my copy of Wabbit Wampage...
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This page seems to have a downloadable Snit's Revenge, though the format is unknown to me. Seems to require some other program.
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Awful Green Things was a great game. Nice to remember it. Cheers.
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I remember buying the original Dragons from the newstand starting around issue 10 and collected the Tom games through them.. fond memories. Food Fight was another Dragon gamette.
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My favorite was Search for the Emperor's Treasure, which was in the Dragon magazine I randomly bought at at garage sale back in junior high. The art is wonderful, and it's actually a pretty fun game.
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I took Mertwig's Maze with me to the Peace Corps!
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What was that one with the war on the donut-shaped asteroid, with a black hole in the middle? That was awesome! Snit's Revenge, Completely forgot about that one for the last 22 years. Thanks.
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Kings and Things, a descendent of King of the Tabletop, was one of the finest fiddly-bit games I owned. I still think the one thing Settlers of Catan is missing is a Strength 6 Crawling Vine to throttle your enemies with. You can get all the pieces for KotT in PDF format here. As for the rules, I guess you're on your own. But honestly, Baron Munchasen, huge leeches and the sphinx? I'd say it writes itself.
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This page seems to have a downloadable Snit's Revenge, though the format is unknown to me. Seems to require some other program.

That would be CyberBoard.
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Dude. Thanks for the flashback. Between those two games, Ace of Aces, and Car Wars, I spent many, many (okay MANY) hours gaming, without ever turning on that newfangled Atari.
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OMG - I had completely forgotten about these. I played a few of them in my time.
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I have a copy of Iron Dragon and play it regularly, provided I can get enough friends to shuck off a few hours. It's the best of Mayfair Games' Empire Builder train game series, with all kinds of fantasy races, magical bridges and underground caves to explore.
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One of my favorite "fiddly-bits" games was a sort of D&D copycat game. You played a prince or something and confronted various fantastic monsters along the way. I can see the box in my head, but I can' t remember the name of it now. You could play it by yourself; that was the best thing. I may still have my copy of Snit's Revenge boxed away somewhere. Car Wars was another favorite along with--though it has nothing to do with Tom Wham--Wooden Ships & Iron Men. All of them got more use than my Atari 2600.
(classic 80's geek, you can see.)
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