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Aiee!!    Pelorosaurus by god knows who, Corythosaurus illustrated by Zdenek Burian, Ornitholestes by Charles Knight--Dinosaur Illustrations has led me to two wonderful sites: Early Image and Paper Dinosaurs, 1824-1969 - An Exhibition of Original Publications From the Collections of the Linda Hall Library, as well as many other little treasures.
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I didn't see it during my cursory run through the site, but I recall a late-19th c. theory that the larger, 4-legged dinosaurs had bellies that hung lower than their feet, and therefore moved around exclusively through burrows in the earth, which they straddled and dragged their tummies through. Then someone figured out that these proto-paleontologists had put the dino bones together incorrectly.
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Great links, y2karl. Not that I am ancient or anything, but these are the images I remember of dinosaurs growing up in the 1970's. I'm not sure the kids who grew up with the modern conception of dinosaurs know the thrill that the rest of us had when we learned that everything we knew about them was wrong. Seeing these images again makes me excited about our contemporary theories on dinosaurs all over again. Thanks.
Ok, ok, I'm ancient.
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DISCOVER magazine on the draggin' dinos (only ceratopsians, actually) and how we changed our perceptions -- and the role that dino art still plays in the popularity of the field.

Also relevant: Whatever happened to the brontosaurus?
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