AltaVista goes back to its roots
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AltaVista goes back to its roots I regularly used AltaVista when I first came to the web but now haven't used it as a Search Engine for many months. Portals, and MSN in particular seem to be very popular but I'm unable to see the attraction (smacks of spoon-feeding idiots "content" who can't find it themselves) so I'm pleased to see AltaVista changing back to what they do best. Can't see me switching back from Google though..
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Somehow I don't think I'll be switching over in a hurry either. The front page is messy and plastered with sponsored links. Google got it just right and has justly cornered the market, and I don't see a half-hearted lick of paint reversing that. Although I couldn't agree more that the death of another web portal is reason for celebration.

As an aside, can anyone offer any insight into the popularity of I can't understand what compels anyone to visit it.
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As an aside, can anyone offer any insight into the popularity of I can't understand what compels anyone to visit it.

Probably has something to do with so many MSN users being unable to change their Start Page. :)
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I'm a Google addict too, but portals are useful for cases when a category search works better than a keyword search. While I wouldn't touch MSN with a 10-foot radiation-shielded pole, Yahoo! has been quite handy for searching for, (for instance): HTML and CSS guides, US area code directories, top-domain lists and free clip-art collections. Portals can also provide value-added features such as maps and regional yellow-pages.
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Google has cornered the market. Generally, 98% of the time I input a query into Google, I get the answer I was looking for. Why would I even consider switching.

Google does category based searches as well, based on
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Whoa -- that is ugly! I tried a search and got a poorly laid out results page with a Verisign banner ad that looked to have been created in MS Paint. Simple layout != amateurish layout. Is AltaVista so broke that they can't afford to hire a real designer or two?
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Does Google still provided the search capability for Yahoo? Haven't seen their logo on there for a couple of months, so I'm assuming that contract must be over.

I liked it when they did; I could use their People Search, Maps/Driving Directions, Notepad, and Calendar features in the same place as my search engine.
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Yes Vidiot, they do. In fact Google has replaced Yahoo's own directory results as the default search, pushing the Y directory that used to be their central feature pretty far into insignificancy.
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Google rules but I have found AllTheWeb to be a decent contender.
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I give it mixed reviews. I agree with the criticism of the home page. A large part of the problem is the search box--the main feature of the page--is the shape and location of a traditional banner ad, so it ends up getting lost in superfluous stuff.

As far as the actual search results, however, it's not too bad. I did a search on both Google and Alta Vista for "style sheets tutorial." Here are the top five results from each:
  • Google:,,,,
  • Alta Vista:,,,,
They agree on four out of five, and both agree on the top listing. I guess they are trying to copy more than just the look from Google.
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Let's talk about an information orgy. Let's talk about Refdesk.
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Let's talk about Ref-desk, bay-bee
Let's talk about you and me
Let's talk about--
uh, never mind...
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Let's talk about Refdesk.

Ok, it's pleasantly lighter on the ads, but there's still way too much stuff on there. And my bookmarks are easier to navigate ...
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