June 18, 2000
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Weekend box-office shakedown: "[Shaft] skewed younger and male, said Wayne Lewellen, president of distribution at Paramount Pictures, which released the film in 2,337 theaters. It was 'certainly very strong' with black audiences, but also pulled in solid receipts from Canada, he added." I guess "Canada" signifies white people? What a fatuous thought process.
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"We're also confident that, while they were forced to ride dog sleds to the movie, they made sure to tie their dogs in a responsible manner." I'm surprised that Wayne would dare to anger Canada, considering it is where all the new up and coming comedians come from. He'll be waking up with Mike Myers and Jim Carrey leering over his bedside and the head of a Star Trek extra in his bed before too long.
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Interestingly, "Canada" is an old Inuit word meaning "Land of the Toque-Wearing Honkys."
posted by aaron at 2:13 PM on June 18, 2000

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