View the Earth from a different perspective
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Shuttle Views the Earth: Geology from Space. Also see the Human Imprints set. [via milov]
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The new Imax Space Station is pretty fun, if you get a chance to go.
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More images from space [which are quite large], can be found here
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Your childhood home. Place of work. A national monument. See them all from far, far above. Simply enter the address of your choice at MapQuest and select the Aerial Photo tab (free registration required). The detail is so fine you can make out cars (they're the colored dots on those pathway thingies). Be sure to zoom in as far as possible and then click the "Big Photo" button. And don't be afraid of the heights! Fun.
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no offense micropublihsery but that feels like an ad
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Point well taken, mhjb. Unfortunately, I'm a copywriter. But rest assured I am not affiliated with the relevant companies in any way. And this is a free service; I recommend using junk info to register.

I guess I write this way whether I'm writing about the Denver Post's plagiarism, vintage German electronica or a service I think is freaking cool. I guess I should take the propaganda edge off a little when I'm away from and work among friends.
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