The Massey Lectures
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The Massey Lectures are the CBC's annual effort to give exposure to eminent minds working on 'big ideas' in the realm of social criticism. This year's lecturer, Margaret Visser, undertakes a very engaging attempt to explain and undermine fatalism. The site links to transcripts and audio files of some past lectures. Some Canadian book-learnin' for those of you who aren't sleepily digesting your Thanksgiving turkey!
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Something interesting to read--thanks, stonerose and Happy Thanksgiving, too.
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Very good stuff, indeed, the Massey Lectures. Included have been some of my favorite large-brained people, including one of my favorite Canadians, John Ralston Saul, who was mercilessly lambasted over on kuro5hin recently by a buncha folks who hadn't actually read his books.

Good stuff nonetheless, trust me.
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Visser on honour and shame
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