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To celebrate World AIDS Day, MetaFilter is going to focus solely on HIV and AIDS related posts for the next 24 hours. Like last year's observation on MetaFilter, this year's Link and Think project asks everyone to think about the issues surrounding this disease, how it has affected you, others, and the world. Feel free to share information on prevention, research, or anything else related to the topic at hand.
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Does any other disease warrant such a site-overhaul as AIDS? If not, why not? Discuss.
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Well, if you feel like questioning the point, bring it up in MetaTalk and I'd be happy to discuss it there.
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Sub-Saharan Africa Statistics paint a dim future for the whole Sub-Continent. Global Policy Forum states, "The life expectancy of Africans is set to reach one of its lowest levels ever, it was revealed on Monday. By the year 2005, most Africans will die before they reach their 48th birthday, the fourth general assembly of the African Population Commission (APC) heard." The Washington Post weighs in with an informative overview of the African HIV/AIDS problem. Finally, the AIDS Foundation of South Africa has a very concise and to the point overview Dynamics of the South African epidemic.
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Ive lost a few friends to Aids,the loss is deep, and always will be..
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Thanks for doing this Matt. I am remembering friends that I will always miss. I hope it is not inappropriate for me to give a special tribute to the memory my friend Kim Burch, former AIDS activist and artist of Portland Maine. What a wonderful man he was, what a beautiful friend.

Never more will the wind
Cherish you again,
Never more will the rain.

Never more shall we find you bright
In the snow and wind.

The snow is melted,
The snow is gone,
And you are flown:

Like a bird out of our hand,
Like a light out of our heart,
You are gone.
H. D.
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Celebrate AIDS day? I'd have thought Memorialize...
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five fresh fish, we do tend to use the word celebrate in a festive sense more often than not, but the word has more depth than that. An alternate meaning is "to honor (as a holiday) by solemn ceremonies or by refraining from ordinary business."
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