AIDS a century from now
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"More than we can bear." The impact of the AIDS pandemic over the next 100 years may have effects even more far-reaching than many of us have considered. Joseph Riverson has some thoughts on what it will take to prevent a "Black Death" reality.
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I really wish that parallels between 9/11 and 'x' could stop being drawn. The AIDS crisis needs no analogy, parallel or metaphor: it isn't "the elephant in the corner", it is a present, deadly threat to large groups of humans of all ages in many parts of the world. We have no choice but to take it on in medical, educational, social and financial terms: we will, indeed, as a species, "bear it". We literally have no choice but to do so, but the manner of bearing it will differ. It is important - for the health of those suffering already, for those yet to hear of the virus, for those who may be persuaded to find cures and the money for cures - to retain hope.
"Solutions to the AIDS pandemic and its economic and social ramifications will require greater equality for women, a sustained war on poverty and a more equitable engagement between wealthy countries of the West and poor countries in the developing world. With such a response, my great-grandchildren could live in a better world in the next century. Without it, they undoubtedly will face a bleak and brutal reality, much like people in the 14th century."
I live in hope.
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