AIDS in Africa photojournalism
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AIDS in Africa by photojournalists Gideon Mendel and James Nachtwey (flash required)
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From Nachtwey's comment:

The frontline troops in this war are the gentle souls who have committed themselves to the saintly task of attending to the dying. (...)
Where hope no longer existed, they replaced it with comfort and dignity

Nachtwey interview in LAWeekly here
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Also - Gideon's same essay at but with audio interviews where he talks about the images and what he experienced.

Another essay to check out that hits a little closer to home is the South Florida Sun Sentinel's look at AIDS and HIV in the Caribbean.
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An interesting side angle recently covered by the NYT: AIDS in Africa Imperiling Armies, as soldiers represent one of the larger infection vectors -- highly mobile groups of young men deployed to remote areas meeting and sharing camp followers.
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