Giving kids' privacy away
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"It's a vast departure from the way we've done business," said Donna Harlan, an associate superintendent in the Northampton school system. "We are not in the business of giving lists of names of kids to anybody. That was tough. The issue was if we were to receive federal or state money, we had to comply with the law."
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I remember after getting a score in the 99th percentile on some standardized test in Junior HS getting bombarded by recruiters.

They didn't stop until I wrote "conscientious objector" on materials they sent to me to send back.

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One thing about Army recruiters - if you express any interest at all, they'll send you free socks. Pretty good socks, too. The down side is that they won't leave you alone. Choices, choices, choices. Socks.
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My God! Is no one safe from being called on the phone and mailed promotional materials?
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Is the privacy issue too tough?
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When I was going through Navy Nuclear Power Training Command, another sailor never told a marine recruiter that he joined the navy. Sure enough, he got some nifty stuff in the mail until the recruiter called his room and his roommate answered. "Uh, he's in the Navy. . ." and the flow of free stuff ceased.

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