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President Bush reinstates cash bonuses for his political appointees. Yet President Bush cuts pay raises for federal workers, citing national emergency. Is this simply politics over policy? And speaking of national emergency, what happened to the energy crisis?
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I think ~$1,000,000 in bonuses is a little different than ~$11,000,000,000 in raises, don't you? Besides, the federal works are still getting raises, they're just not getting as much.
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The headline is inflammatory and the system certainly could be subject to abuse, but overall I don't see a problem with allowing bonuses for appointed employees that are similar in structure to the those for career employees. Yawn. There are far worse things going on in the Bush administration to worry about.
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The article doesn't mention who is determining the bonuses. If it is an impartial third party independent of the appointer, then I have no problem with it. But somehow I don't like the idea of somebody being given a job and then a bonus by the same people.

The article doesn't provide enough details to make an informed decision. Although the fact that the act was quietly reinstated should raise an eyebrow, it really doesn't surprise me.
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