Show and Tell Music - Thrift Store Vinyl.
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Show and Tell Music - Thrift Store Vinyl. There are lots of vinyl sites out there, but some of the items in this collection had me floored. And the quantity is just as impressive as the quality -- several pages of unintentionally funny Christian vinyl you have to see to believe. MP3 samples too! Via BoingBoing, but got lost under a lengthy EFF post (which was also good).
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This site rocked! I am a goodwill shopper and I see these great moments of americana all the time. Corny/sexy/crappy record covers are as important to our culture as neon signs, big-finned automobiles and mom and pop burger stands. I guess it's a sign-of-the-times when we see parental warning stickers and "editted" versions on the latest releases of compact discs. Which usually end up over-promoting a crappy album to begin with. Although I don't think Herb Albert ever resulted to using four-letter words to squeeze out a hi
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What a great link, my sides hurt from laughing. I haven't finished browsing all the galleries, but I'm ashamed to admit I've got a few of the "gems" he has the Hartz Mountain Parakeet Training Record. As David Letterman once remarked about that disc: "Obviously that bird was trained to speak by Broderick Crawford."
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By the way, for some more deliciously bad albums, take a peek at It Crawled from the Bins
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Here are some more sites for weird and exotic albums.
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heh, heh

Great post!
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best. album. title. ever.
posted by quonsar at 6:57 PM on December 5, 2002

great link condour75!
i collect some of this stuff (i've got the book of mormon on yellow vinyl, and the cover has to be seen to be believed), and this has inspired me to be more diligent about searching for it
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but don't... do not... miss lil markie. play the mp3.
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See also:
The Radio Thrift Shop with Laura Cantrell
Antique Phonograph Music Program with MAC

Both are WFMU (NY/NJ) streaming radio archives.
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Priceless on so many levels, man....

Why it seems like only yesterday, or perhaps August of 1985, that, in a Saint Vinnies record section aisle, I thought, Some day, all these will collector's items--God help us all... *eyesspincycle*
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lil markie the singun fetus frightens me daddy. Please make it go away.
In the meantime, continue your weirdo audio fix here
Ad: if someone knows of any Jandek mp3's floating around on the interweb would appreciate a privy.
posted by Zoyd Wheeler at 8:15 PM on December 5, 2002

Check out the American Song Poem Archives' MP3 collection for more wonderful audio strangeness. Mentioned previously but worth visiting again.
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best post ever. fo' sheezy!

as an aside: I saw Laura Cantrell open for Elvis Costello at the Tabernacle in Atlanta. she can really play old timey country to the max. she is a singer in a band that tours all over the land.
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When I spent a long time at this site about six months ago, I found a lot of great covers. (Galleries C and Q are the really odd ones.) I was most 'floored,' though, by Country Moog, "Two words that don't belong in the same sentence." It has a sound file as well, so you can hear what it would sound like if Johnny Cash was a robot.
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Easily, best link and treasure trove of links I've ever seen on MeFi.

Compliments of Zoyd Wheeler and his link, I happened upon this mighty awesome site.

Which yielded this killer jazz.

Four Mp3's from the soundtrack of "College Confidential" are to be found at the top of of the page of this link.
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I found another great record cover site from reading . . . what's that called again? MetaFilter. Last June. And a person really can't mention Muhammad Ali vs. Mr. Tooth Decay too many times.
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Awesome thread. If not rather frightening in parts.
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Charles Burpo Sings Hymns.

Just can't get enough of this.
posted by rory at 2:57 AM on December 6, 2002

By the way, here's another great album-cover site that hasn't been mentioned.
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crasspastor, you're a champ - Dean Elliott is fantastic. His classic Zounds! What Sounds! has been rereleased by a Dutch label, and is worth every euro.
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hide it under a bushel - NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
posted by sgt.serenity at 4:20 AM on December 6, 2002

I second the Lil Markie suggestion. I heard that song a few months ago and it's priceless.

Whyyyyy did you killlll me mommmy??
posted by wackybrit at 9:48 AM on December 6, 2002

Wow, great thread - I've been looking for stuff like this and have been very happy with what I'm finding - and yes, you've GOT to hear the Lil Markie song.
posted by pyramid termite at 5:32 PM on December 6, 2002

don't know if anyone's still reading this post, but i put some of these pieces together into an animutation.
posted by condour75 at 10:13 PM on December 8, 2002

that should be this, sorry...
posted by condour75 at 10:14 PM on December 8, 2002

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