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"My Anus is Bleeding!" Not for the faint of heart, this film is definitely on the fringe. Don Hertzfeldt's short animations are all a little bit edgy, but then again, I tend to be drawn to these odd, over-the-top kinds of films.
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Wouldn't he be really upset that you're posting a copy of his copyrighted works here without permission? I agree, his stuff is great, but I don't think he allows/appreciates this kind of thing...
posted by jonson at 12:53 PM on December 6, 2002

This floated around the circles in which I travel last summer. Definitely a movie to watch if you're amused by absurdist humor.

Oh, and, I AM A BANANA!
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A coworker of mine downloaded this a few months back.. it's absolutely brilliant.

Now with more sodium...

Sweet Jesus!

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this is genius. thank you so much for the link.
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This guy was supposed to be featured on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming (sunday nights, where I live) I think.....not sure if it ever aired.

the anus bleeding one is eerily similar to that annoying Corn Pops commercial with the multitudes of dancing red stick guys. hack job?
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Sweet! Saw this at Spike and Mike's festival, then looked for it online to no avail. My friends who didn't see it will now have to stop telling me to shut up about it.
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I saw this cartoon a number of times at different Spike & Mike festivals, and it is very good.

And yes, seems rather in bad taste to post Dan Hertzfeldt's work without his permission. Especially because he sells DVDs of his animation on the web site. I have no compassion for big sharks out there like recording companies, but come on, this is an independent artist... How else is he supposed to make any money? Advertise for Cooking Channel?
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A friend of mine ganked a copy from the local film festival a right when it was first hitting the festival circuit a couple of years ago. Now it's out on DVD. I live in a giant bucket.
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Quote from the website that was linked to:

"If we wanted the films on the internet at all, they'd be at for free. Maybe some day, but not too soon."
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I see no problem with viewing his films for free. It think it's ridiculous for absurdist artists to be money hungry.
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Less money hungry than just hungry, I think.
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Buy your copy of the DVD here.
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I apologize for having linked directly to the film. However, I'd like to point out that Don has said that he doesn't care about the money at all. He only wants people to see the animation in good quality. I think the link isn't all that bad; the sound and picture are pretty decent. But, sorry again, I got too excited about reading people reactions to it.
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Pssh. Everybody wants money, and he will make more money from more exposure.

This is a horrible capture, and it's not competing with film festivals or DVDs from the web site. It's giving people a taste and winning over a couple fans.

In fact, I didn't know he was even selling Rejected on DVD, and now I do, so I'll go buy a copy. There, the artist comes out on top. And the internet wins again!
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Somehow I strongly, strongly doubt that Don is starving, mikrophon.
posted by lazaruslong at 1:25 PM on December 6, 2002

In fact, I didn't know he was even selling Rejected on DVD, and now I do, so I'll go buy a copy.

You know, you could send him something for a free video.
posted by Stauf at 1:27 PM on December 6, 2002

great great link
thanks :)
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I think it's ridiculous for you to declare your desire for the film more important that of its creator

My desire to view the film is more important than that of Don's desirte to view the film? Or is my desire to view the film just more important than don himself? Be a little more clear on what that means.

As for the quote you posted....I am content with my sewage filtered wine. I never would have purchased the DVD, and still won't. But now I am familiar with his work, and will recommend it to friends that I think will purchase it. All around, he gets more publicity, and more business.

If he accepts the inevitability of internet distibution, then why are you still whining? Is it that your desire to curb said distribution is mroe important to you than Don's?


I live in a buckey.
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Yes, a buckey. I meant to type that. Really, I did.
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If you're watching his stuff, be sure to check out billy's balloon and ah, l'amour. These were on ifilm at one point, and may still be up on his webpage - the summaries, at least, are still there...
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[B]ut all this does is take money away from an independent animator.

I agreed with you up until that point. I never heard of this guy until I downloaded the video, so I certainly couldn't have given him any of my money. Now, however, I am intrigued, and may indeed purchase a DVD. Ethics aside, there is no argument, at least in this case, that a poor compressed copy of a piece of the short film will hurt, not help, his sales.
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This guy was supposed to be featured on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming (sunday nights, where I live) I think.....not sure if it ever aired.

Ironically, the network which scuttled Rejected's airing was the same one which showed interest in the first place.

Director Hertzfeldt had been in a wrestling match with Cartoon Network's autonomous censorship bureau for about a year. Its main objection was not to the (cartoonish) blood and violence in the short, but to a sign over a character's head which reads "Sweet Jesus!".

Given the option of having his work edited or not having it air at all, Hertzfeldt chose the latter. No doubt he was encouraged by the acclaim Rejected had gathered, not the least of which was an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Film. Anyway, after successive delays, he apparently won the dispute last summer.

Ads had been peppering Adult Swim up to days before the premiere, when the censors again got skittish and refused to grant the short anything less than a TV-MA rating. Due to CN being chartered for "children's programming", this effectively killed Rejected's broadcast.
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Monju_Bosatsu- couldn't agree more.

LinusMines- thanks a lot for the update....the ads for his part of the show only included the "do you want to see a movie...i'm feeling fat and sassy....DO YOU" was funny and strange enough to interest my friends and I...we were confused when those goddamn "Ripping Friends" came on instead.

we're comic dispensers, we've cracked up all the censors....
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Well if it matters at all, when I downloaded this 6 months ago it was on a very high-quality MPEG4 with proper attribution (link is long gone).

DVD quality and his name on it, so I assume he'd be OK with it? Interesting quandry, and I gotta say I admire his ethics (protesting quality and reputation not money) if not his pragmatism.
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I gotta say I think this guy has some animation talent, but judging from his Rejected film, which I could barely stand watching all of, he has squat in the writing and deciding what the heck to animate department. I see that many of you admired this stuff for some strange reason, but for me it takes more than absurdity, gruesomeness, and non-sequiturs to make me feel entertained.

To sum up, the guy could probably do something reasonably decent if he were paired up with someone able to write material for him to animate.

It just looked like some guy who couldn't come up with any good ideas animating whatever drivel came into his head at the moment. And people pay good money for it, apparently.
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It's interesting. I even went to see about buying the DVD, but $16? That seems like a lot for a short and some extras. For the people that have the DVD or have seen it, is it worth it? How many minutes total would you guess are in there?
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I want the few minutes I spent watching that crap back, please. Rejected, indeed.
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Unfortunately, it's lies.

So did you really send something off to the Family Channel or the Family Learning Channel?

No. I was approached to do commercial work like that, I don’t remember what station it was. But "You’re watching…" whatever it was. I would never do commercial work, it’s against every bone in my body.

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I'm not going to have the stupid Napster debate again.

You're so cool. Who would dare to challenge you?
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I laughed so hard and long the first time I saw this (my best friend sent me a copy he got at a film festival) that my butt fell off.

Literally. My butt fell off.

I love the bit where the stick figures are "hitting" the screen.
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