Cutting-Edge Critique of TV or Just a Lot of Guys with No Shirt On?
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Cutting-Edge Critique of TV or Just a Lot of Guys with No Shirt On? Exhaustive website of TV shows from the 1950s to the present with discussion of overt gay and lesbian content. Also a lot of coverage of hidden homoerotic content that could be viewed as a parody of academic interpretive overreaching. On the other hand, that didn't stop Jerry Falwell from denouncing Tinky Winky's alleged sexual orientation.
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Airwolf (1984-86) Jan-Michael Vincent, grown squinty and craggy from years of Hollywood self-abuse, as an intelligence agent riding a helicopter with "buddy" Ernest Borgnine.

Apparently any show with 2 men in it qualifies as GLBTV. I'm pretty sure there was no underlying homoerotica in that show whatsoever.
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You gotta admit that it's somewhat hilarious to watch somebody attempt to transform Ernest Borgnine into a homoerotic icon.
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it's a weird site allright:

Fresh Prince of Bel Air (1990-96)
Rapper Will Smith played a teenager from South Philadelphia who escaped the poverty and crime by going to live with his rich uncle and aunt in Bel Air (if only it were always so simple).
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but then again, this one's good!

H. R. Pufnstuf (1969-70) Shy, sensitive (i.e., gay) Jimmy (Jack Wild) was trapped on Fire Island. . .um, I mean Living Island. . .with ten male animatronic beings and Judy Garland (aka Judy the Frog). It would have been a homoerotic paradise except for the cranky witch Witchiepoo, who lusted after Jimmy's magic flute. Symbolic of whatever you like.
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This sure is cutting edge, alright.
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Hmm ...

A Canadian sketch comedy troup featuring twenty-ish badboys. Scott Thompson played all of the fruity roles, and Dave Foley found his way briefly onto American TV. But diminuitive Bruce McCullogh (left) was probably the cutest.

Scott Thompson played all of the fruity roles? Oh wait, he must mean the other Kids in the Hall.
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Reality TV, sort of. Anna Nicole was bloated, bitchy, and semi-coherent, and she had a prettyboy assistant.

what pretty-boy assistant? howard k. stern? her son? huh?
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This web site is a great warm-up for the impending end-of-year lists, and similar acts of incisive social commentary.
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Where's Sesame Street, man? Bert and Ernie were so gay it wasn't even funny.
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shhhh jon..they're still in the closet!

that big bird is a fundamentalist now!
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and in other news, the Count is in rehab for his obsessive-compulsive diorder and Grover is recoveriung nicely from his meth overdose. As for Big Bird, we'll just have to wait until Snuffleupagus comes out with that tell all bio...
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yup! u got it! on "Behind the Cookies"
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As for Big Bird, we'll just have to wait until Snuffleupagus comes out with that tell all bio...

A man with a "snuffle" that large has got to be using it a lot.
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I find some of this stuff downright hypocritical. They refer to Ally McBeal as anorexic, a condition from which her character did not suffer. No big suprise if Calista Flockhart suffers from an eating disorder, but to make such a remark offhandedly, and without any hint of truth behind it, all the while documenting gay and lesbian stereotypes in television is somewhat judgemental.
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The Fonz is gay. Honestly the more you think about it, the
more it makes sense. Let's go through a few observations...

1. The Fonz is a guy in his early thirties who seems to
thrive on spending most of his time hanging out in a local
milkbar with teenage boys. He is particularly fond of young
Gingerpubes (Ritchie).
2. The Fonz plays softball.
3. He hangs out a whole lot in the toilets at the milkbar.
He refers to the 'scene' as his 'office'.
4. He's heavily into leather.
5. His leather habit is reminiscent of Al Pacino in 'Cruising'.
6. He never has a regular woman (until the later series
where a clear re-write takes place).
7. The Fonz makes a habit of telling people to 'Sit on it!'.
8. The Fonz is thin, clean-shaven, pretty and very neat.
9. Fonzie, although claiming to be a big-time biker, doesn't
seem to have any tough-guy biker friends.
10. The Fonz loves to dance, does so very well and generally minces about like a big drama queen.

It all makes sense now doesn't it? But the mysetery remains.

What's the connection with Charles "Chachi" Arcola?

What's so big about Big Al?
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