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This vibe is free. The anti site. Don't get busted! Just a little Buzz? Take the initiative.
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bollocks, this makes me mad, i think i need to do some drugs.
posted by iamck at 1:06 PM on December 9, 2002

The two examples of anti-drugs were absolutely disgusting. Shopping and sneakers?? How about something constructive! I didn't mind the doodling anti-drug ad but sneakers and shopping? I don't know how to express my disgust at this. It's funny that tax dollars go into stuff like this. When I was younger I was always very offended when the media would pander like this to me and I suspect there are many young people out there who feel the same way now.

I think the NASA one is good, although it targets a very small group of people.
posted by abez at 1:27 PM on December 9, 2002

Speaking as a highschool student, the anti-drug ads have achieved very little, at least among my classmates. The amount of patronage is definitely offensive. Also, (from my cynical viewpoint) so few real teenagers are straight anyway, and things are likely to stay that way, so why try to change their minds with a stupid and endlessly corny ad campaign? Ads simply will not make a difference in how the majority behaves, especially ones as stupid and easy to make fun of as the anti-drug ads. Those of us who don't use substances made that choice as a result of exposure to the consequences (alcoholic/pothead parents or friends), a desire to "be good", or in some rare cases, simple moral opposition.
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Maybe I'm just an old cynic, but the entire site struck me as stilted and artificial. I don't believe a single "user" message there was written by any kids at all: they whole thing feels like a cheezy fabrication by some Madison-avenue agency.

It's like Arthur Dent's cup of tea: "It was called a Nutri- Matic Drinks Synthesizer, and he had encountered it before. It claimed to produce the widest possible range of drinks personally matched to the tastes and metabolism of whoever cared to use it. When put to the test, however, it invariably produced a plastic cup filled with a liquid which was almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea"

Likewise, it was called a Teen Web Messaging Board, and claimed to show messages written by a variety of teens who have Just Said No to drugs. When put to the test, however, it invariably produced a weblog filled with overly excited soundbites which were almost, but not quite, entirely unlike anything a teen would write.

Think I'll go toke now, just to spite 'em!
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Drugs: The Anti-shopping
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Why is the anti-drug movement so tired? The last good ad I saw was the frying pan one, and that was like in....uh...

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So much on the site - like the very lame flash Unimations - got my goat, but...
I've never seen an American govt. sponsored site which gave out unbiased advice as balanced, sensitive and comprehensive as this, aimed at lesbian, gay, bi and trans youth. Full marks for honesty and sincerity: 3/10 for execution.
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But if you keep taking hallucinogens, each time you'll need more to get as high. Unfortunately, taking too much can kill you. And no one ever knows exactly how much "too much" really is. [from here]

argh. when will the people behind these campaigns realize that it only undermines their own credibility/message when they use outright lies to bully kids into submission? i mean what the hell do they expect kids to think of the rest of their message when even a cursory google search is probably going to tell them they've been lied to?

on the plus side, i'd never heard of methcathinone so i suppose i learned something.
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Nancy Reagan gets a web designer.
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Alcohol is my anti-drug.
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Propaganda is my anti-drug. I couldn't believe this ad [ Quicktime RealVideo ] which features kids taking hits and busting caps.
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Attacking Iraq for approval points is my anti-drug.
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I'm starting to get sick of anti-drug sites pretending to be unbiased in order to get kids to read them long enough to be sucked in.
Who do they think they're kidding, anyway?

Jesus christ, 3/4 of the "downsides" listed to doing drugs are a direct result of them being illegal! They don't even try to explain why it (marijuana) is illegal, they just say "It's bad for you! It can get you in trouble!"

If this is a government-sponsored initiative, then why are brands mentioned?
Is the next step in the war on drugs sponsored by DKNY?
More about those responsible
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I'd have thought this is the kiss of death for any street-cred DKNY has earned (at least here in the UK). Kids who don't do drugs and feel the need to evangelise about it all come across as arrogant, insufferably smug little prigs - if I caught my son frequenting any of these sites I'd be worried.
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Ah perfect! Using Mozilla and perusing the Marijuana Link for the "Truth About" the same turned up an empty table, nicely layed-out, fine graphics but absolutely no content. 'Nuff Said!
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