The New River. Which isn't either...
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When the Romans ran out of fresh water, they built aqueducts. When C17 Londoners ran out, they built The New River. Snaking from Chadwell and Amwell springs to the New River Head, it's not new, it's not a river, but it is the largest body of non-tidal flowing water in Europe and one of few local habitats for dragonflies [geocities].

Over 40 miles in length, and taking just 4 years to complete, the river was opened in 1613. But it ran over budget and didn't make a profit until 1633, two years after it's designer and chief financier, Hugh Myddelton, had died.
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And I lived within spitting distance of it for 15 years an never knew. So I thought I'd bore you guys with it. ;) It's amazing how something like this has so many painfully bad websites written about it, none of which contain any great information...
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I walk past a stretch of that occasionally. It looks like a canal, but the bridge over it is about 1 foot from the surface, so it clearly never got used for transport, and I was a bit confused by it. Now I know, thanks.
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Very interesting...what makes Metafilter a fun place to learn.
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Here's pictures of Great Amwell, one of the New River's sources in Hertfordshire, about 20 miles north of London. It's a sleepy but interestingly unspoiled village with some very attractive architecture from around the time that the New River was built.

This one shows the kind of bridge tomsk mentions.

For the geographically curious, here's what the county authorities has to say about the village.
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normy - of course the downside of those bridges is that you tend to miss them when you want to turn off the main road to go over them. ;)

I think it's this monument that says it was opened in 1608 when it was actually started in 1609. ;)
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Here's some more pictures of Amwell that give more of an idea of the flavour of the place.
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