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Island... Get Your Island Here! This is the sale of the century - everything must go! (and if you believe that's possible, then i've got a bridge to sell you...)
posted by adamms222 (9 comments total)
Screw the Amazon wish list - now I know what I want for Christmas.
posted by gottabefunky at 11:40 AM on December 10, 2002

Nah...too much riff-raff in that neighborhood:
Sandy Cay, owned by Laurence Rockefeller, is a near neighbour of Green Cay and is renowned for its gorgeous beach.
posted by goethean at 12:12 PM on December 10, 2002

Hell yeah. Owning an island would be a dream come true for an introvert like me. I'd love to be known as the Madman of Squid Island.
posted by picea at 12:15 PM on December 10, 2002

Why not get one with the potential for income already there?
posted by Nauip at 2:09 PM on December 10, 2002

::: salivates like Pavlov's pups :::

No man is an island...but you can give it a damn good go by buying one.
posted by rushmc at 3:06 PM on December 10, 2002

When i saw this post I thought Pala was for sale.
posted by iamck at 4:18 PM on December 10, 2002

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Hope you received permission to link to that page.
posted by MaddCutty at 8:06 PM on December 10, 2002

Oh sure, they're islands now, but they'll be shoals in a decade or two. Me, I'm buying a hill in southern Florida. And now I'm going to go burn a big pile of tires to help speed the process along.
posted by George_Spiggott at 12:48 AM on December 11, 2002

Well, I'm shopping for islands, yes, but I'm really interested in an archipelago. You know how it is.
posted by mmcg at 3:58 AM on December 11, 2002

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