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Ecopsychology may be the answer for those driven to distraction by their cubicle-ruled lives. This field of study aims to investigate the relationship between the human mind and our environment. Interacting with nature obviously has positive effects on our happiness, so maybe we just need some more potted plants around the office? How about office wilderness hikes instead of Christmas parties?
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I have this vision of the kudzu-like ferns from that Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea episode taking over a cube farm. New workers are issued a computer, a pager, and a machete.
posted by dhartung at 10:51 PM on December 10, 2002

Sigh. No love for the wilderness thread. I thought all three articles were interesting, if (as the last one said) a tad obvious.
Positive side effect of office plants: organic, multi-faceted shapes like clusters of leaves are great at breaking up bouncing sound waves, so you get an office that's quieter, too.

On preview: Hooray, not the first post! (An odd sentiment, that.)
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sorta more generally there's psychogeography!

also kinda along the lines of economy --> ecology --> ecosophy :D
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Also known as Environmental Psychology. Kind of a cool field, actually. I'm gonna get a lightbox. Definitely need some plants.
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hey for anyone else does it show an extra 5 commpets in the POOT (post out of thread :)? hmmmm... paracyberology!
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