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Do you know a elementary teacher? Rob from wants to create an interstate postcard exchange! If you ask me (no-one has) this is far too good an exercise to go to waste, so if you know a 3rd - 5th Grade teacher, point them in the direction of this!
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Looks like only seven states are signed up so far, but I bet he gets to 50 by the end of the month.
posted by mathowie at 9:45 AM on December 11, 2002

I forwarded the link to my mom, a fifth-grade teacher in Arizona. It seems just up her alley. I hope she does it, I want to see the results!
posted by padraigin at 10:00 AM on December 11, 2002

Paging Craig Shergold...
posted by agaffin at 11:24 AM on December 11, 2002

Awesome! I know someone just starting their 3rd grade internship next semester so I forwarded it to her. Thanks for the link. Kids love this kind of stuff.
posted by oh posey at 12:57 PM on December 11, 2002

You mail 50 postcards out to schools all over the nation...

Um, wouldn't you mail and get back 49 postcards, considering DC isn't listed?

But that minor quibble aside, I think this is a great idea. Mostly because in my high school Japanese class, we were assigned to individually write letters to students in a Japanese high school. My Japanese penpal wrote first. I imagined her as any teen male would, in that plaid green skirt and white shirt school uniform, looking all innocent, writing to a strapping young American lad, longing to visit the promised land of blue jeans and cowboy hats. She told me about how she rode her bike to school, what courses she enjoyed, what movies she recently saw and what kind of music she listened to.

Then I lost her letter and earned an F for the project. I still feel awful about it.
posted by Tacodog at 5:44 PM on December 11, 2002

My girlfriend's cousin sent us a request for postcards earlier this school-year. Her 5th grade class is collecting postcards from cities around the world and posting them to a big, wall-sized world map. We just sent ours today! Cool way to sensitize kids to geography.
posted by maniactown at 4:45 PM on December 12, 2002

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