June 21, 2000
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Mach 5 (yes, that Mach 5) now for sale on eBay.
posted by jjg (7 comments total)
Yeah, but knowing eBay, you'll probably end up with nothing more than a Mach 3 (Flash-dependant site).
posted by wendell at 3:57 PM on June 21, 2000

But does it come with the Blonde model?
posted by EricBrooksDotCom at 4:38 PM on June 21, 2000

probably not, but there's bound to be another on ebay
posted by starduck at 4:56 PM on June 21, 2000

Now, if I only had a Mach 5 already, I could use it to leap ahead of the other bidders.

You know. With those rubber feet thingys. Sproing!
posted by dhartung at 8:38 PM on June 21, 2000

well, the kind folks at visa have informed me they will *not* raise my credit limit high enough so i can bid on this. damn.

maybe they'll make a racer x car. it's almost as cool, but doesn't have the expensive gadgets.

has anyone noticed the strange similiarities between racer x and rex racer? i think something might be up there.

-still confused over that whole junkyard dog/stagger lee thing.
posted by lescour at 9:40 AM on June 22, 2000

Stagger Lee? Oh, the wrestler, not the song. I get it.
posted by dhartung at 1:54 PM on June 22, 2000

wahoo! the shooting star will be built. it may be iname, but it makes me happy.
posted by lescour at 7:59 AM on June 23, 2000

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