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The toughest Chelonia to every grace the media. Come on. Everyone had to love them at some point, with their pizzas and funny weapons. This page has some interesting sketch art. This one includes the complete cast of the cartoon and movies, with links to their career since said roles. This site, my favorite, has the entire "Coming out of our Shells" tape for download. Remember the classic, Cowabunga?
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I especially love how Barry Gordon, voice of both Donatello and Bebop, went on to play Blinky in the short-lived pacman show.
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I remember this. Leonardo fights a deer. Not a mutant ninja deer, mind you, just a deer.
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Ahh, that takes me back. I remember seeing their first movie at a drive-in. I was so inspired I immediately went and picked a fight to hone my growing ninja skills. I lost, of course, but you should've seen the other guy.
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As a turtle breeder when this stuff first appeared, I was glad to see turtles get some attention, but along with it came the inevitable increase of fade turtle purchases leading to many abused animals. Did any of you fans indulge in a living toy to go along with this or was it more about the martial arts side of the fantasy?
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A friend of my dad's owned a comic store in the 80's, my dad loaned him some money, to pay him back his friend would give us all the number one issues of various comics that came out each month.

Including this one, which I guess is worth something

I also got numbers 2, 3, 4 all sitting in nice mylar bags waiting for . . .something.
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I still have a Raphael action figure from the first movie standing next to my monitor.. And the entire series of the cartoons on VCD (god bless eBay).. And those comic anthologies they released.. I have to say though, the new updated live action turtles is quite possibly one of the worst shows I've ever seen - anyone hear about the CGI John Woo directed movie in the pipeline?
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Mossy- the movie is effectively DOA. Woo has moved on to other projects.

I remember the old TMNT comics, which were dark and edgy, particularly for their time. None of the kiddie comedy and lame quips. They were one of the first "indy" comics to really break out.

They actually started a new "back to the roots" TMNT comic book last year, with half (Laird) of the original creative team behind it. I don't think it lasted very long.

Don't miss the cast listing for the first movie, which included a tender, moving performance by Elias Koteas and the subtly nuanced voice talent of Corey Feldman.
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The movies were pretty good. The third one, set in feudal Japan, was absolutely first rate (for a movie about four guys in turtle suits.) Once you've seen it you will never ever be able to watch or read Shogun without seeing guys in turtle suits running around in the background.

There appears to be a fourth movie, set in China -- a video store here had the box but the movie itself is lost and I've never seen it. Has anyone?
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listen guys , im going to have to ask you all to go away and watch the best cartoon character ever in action before you come up with nonsense about werent the turtles great , they were lame as hell and you all know it.

yours sincerely,

a loyal skeletor fan.
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