Blogging to stop the logging.
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Treetop Bloggers Protest Logging A group of anti-logging activists are now ready to maintain their own blog 130 feet up in an ancient redwood. I've considered tree sitting, but find myself much more inclined to do so if I could continue working (or reading MeFi, as the case may be). Interesting intersection of technology and activism. Doncha think? (via /.)
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So, let me get this straight. Loggers are protesting anti-bloggers? No. Logging activists are protesting bloggers? Hunh?!
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December 19, 2002.

Hey, how y'all doin? I'm sitting up here in this big ol' tree. It's pretty high. I can see lots of other trees. Hey, don't forget to check out my Amazon wishlist! Okay, see ya!

December 20, 2002.

Still up in the tree. It's kinda cold and windy. Had to go "number 2" today -- I try to avoid that as much as possible because I don't want to bomb any innocent little woodland creatures on the ground. kbye.

December 21, 2002.

Um, still here in a tree. View is the same as it's been for the last freaking five months. I'm hungry and cold. I would freaking kill for a Big Mac in a log cabin right now!

December 22, 2002.

Moved to another branch today. Much better vi -- shit, I dropped my 802.11 card. I think I can reach it if I can. just. lean. a little. bit. farth-- aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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One activist, Gibbon, climbed a second growth redwood where they were working to ensure it would remain standing. He called out to me “Hey Remedy, this tree made me climb it!”
I think it was better when we were left to our own imagination to craft the noble world of tree sitters.
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Since this thread has reverted to silliness: "Stop clearcut blogging!"
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What does PHP have to do with redwoods?!
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When I first climbed Jerry, the ancient redwood I’m defending...

I take exception to being called "ancient," but I've got your "redwood" right here.
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