Fame Academy comes to an end.
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David wins Fame Academy! Mix Big Brother with Pop/American Idol and you get the Fame Academy, where 12 gorgeous under-30s are thrown into a glorified stage school for a few months, and only one emerges an idol. The prize? Supposedly the 'biggest TV prize ever.' A £1 million recording contract, a fancy apartment in London, a personal shopper, chauffeur, and more. All is not lost for the 'losers' though, as they've all gained professional management and Mercury Records is considering them all for solo careers. In contrast to the 'Idol' shows, being couped up for weeks on end has caused even the wackiest contestants to grow in their singing and songwriting abilities. So will this show reach the US? Probably, given these other crossover shows.
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If it's cheapass so-called reality garbage, it will appear on American television.

This show on the Fox Network will be called American Superstar Co-ed Dorm or somethin' like that.
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This has reached Brazil (twice) as lots of other Endemol shows. Not as successful as Big Brother 1 and 2 though. Somewhat sad, actually, since at least people in the Fame academy have something you could loosely call "talent".
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Huh, mix Big Brother and American Idol and I just get sleepy, but then I read this diatribe and about fell into a coma.
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I really wanted to hate this show, but the last two episodes had me hooked. Sinead, Lemar and David, despite some dodgy tuning, have developed into credible singer/performers (unlike the Pop Idol/Rival clan). Just hope they don't release too many slushy, pre-teen targeted, drool, paint-by-numbers songs to pollute radio airwaves

Not surprised they are releasing their singles in January, I read somewhere it can take as little as 5,000 single sales to get a number 1 in the first week of any year. I guess it guarantees the sort of over exposure teen artists seem to like.
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Sorry, but I hated every second of this show. [I watched about 5 mins each of two episodes]
Its blatantly gonna produce even more cheesy pop crap to pollute radio waves and further destroy any notion that the British music industry is nothing more than a shameful popularity contest.
Its a shame cos there are some very good un-signed acts out there, but 'cos they don't fit in the "pop muppet" category they will never get there break.

[ok, rant over]
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I feel it comin' together
People will see me and cry. Fame!
I'm gonna make it to heaven
Light up the sky like a flame. Fame!
I'm gonna live forever
Baby, remember my name
Remember, remember, remember, remember,
Remember, remember, remember, remember......

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Forgive me. For a moment there I thought you said "wackest contestants".
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Its blatantly gonna produce even more cheesy pop crap to pollute radio waves

Not to mention the fact that the prize (it's money and a flat and a recording contract isn't it?) comes out of taxpayer's money.
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