Crossing the Darien Gap
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Crossing the Darien Gap. The Pan-American Highway is not quite Pan-American. There are 200 miles of untamed jungle, where Panama meets Colombia, called the "Darien Gap". Today, persistent kidnappings and cartel activity make it unsafe to cross by either foot or off-road vehicle. But it's been done a few times. Here is one such tale, a blog from the mid-seventies. [more inside]
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Some more information on the Darien gap:

This page is the website of a couple that have made the trip in more recent times. Note the "good news" of two recent kidnap victims' release, after nine months of captivity. A paper detailing some of the difficulties, ecological and political, in completing the Pan-American highway. Apparently there is also an indie film. There are a few other stories floating around. To learn more about the Darien Gap, visit your local Google.
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This is really odd. My new girlfriend's Host Grandfather, a avid motorcyclist. Gave me a book .10 years on 2 wheels, about a mans journey through south america and the world on a bmw bike. One of the experts was about his attempt to cross the darien gap. He and his partner picked over 130 ticks off each other in one night. By far the best story in the book, but if you are into nitty gritty realism from the perspective of a non intelgisita world class citizen, then its a damn good book.
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I love armchair travel to adventurous, exotic and extreme places that I will probably never visit. Good weekend reading - thanks condour75.
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Tim Cahill's Road Fever is about his 23-1/2 day trip along the Pan American highway from the tip of South America to Alaska. It's very funny and interesting. (I think he cheats and bypasses the Darian Gap.)
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A friend of mine is taking this same trip right now. He's keeping a journal as he rides - looks like he's about to come up to that gap right soon.
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Guy walking around the world has this to say about his experiences. See also this and this. Haven't found the best stuff from his journal but have a dig...
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