So, Mr. Stephenson, what's next?
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The Diamond Age begins. Research scientists at the University of Wisconsin at Madison have bound DNA to circuits using a thin film of diamond as a bridge. Pathogens detected by the DNA, trigger it to send an electrical signal via the diamond medium to the circuit. [MORE]
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My first thought upon reading this was a reverse of the process. Send instructions from circuits through the diamond medium to the DNA, which would then construct the necessary organic material. Not exactly Stephenson's book The Diamond Age, but as I said, a beginning.
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Life is a machine. As we use our computers, we are increasing our own capabilities. As the enhancements we make become more and more fundamental, there will be no division between us and the machines we create. And then we will be thought alone.
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Steve Austin, astronaut..a man barely alive...we can rebuild him..we have the technology...we can make him...better than he was...

Jesus, I'm getting old.
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Pretty_Generic: True that. I don't often see people thinking the way I do about this. Dream on - we need such dreams.
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Damn! de Beers will own us all.

Actually this is a very interesting article, thanks.
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Dear god I hope we don't become merged with our computers. We would become minds entirely devoted to viewing advertisements. I don't want my limbic system to be sponsored by Doritos.
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