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Choose your seat wisely. Okay, so you already know what your meal is going to be. But, so much of your travel experience depends on the quality of your seat. Seatguru has not only seat maps, but reviews of most seats on the big 6 US airlines. (For links to more seat maps, brave the pop-ups and go here.)
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That's incredible. Thanks!
posted by Stan Chin at 11:21 PM on December 18, 2002

Dude, awesome link. Really fucking great.

Much more useful than many posts of late.

posted by lazaruslong at 12:04 AM on December 19, 2002

Completely off topic, but is it totally morbid to me to think about my flight home tomorrow? My brother and I (and his girlfriend) will be on a flight home tomorrow, across the country, for Christmas. What would happen if that plane went down in a blaze of Jihad glory? What a story for the papers, straight out of WWII... "I lost both of my sons in that horrible attack."

God. I should go to bed, stop drinking, maybe pack, and think about Santa and the cheese curds awaiting me.

Maybe, for another day, I'll tell you all about last New Years when I was on an all grey haired flight, and the exit rows were all OLD people except me. There was one guy with liver spots the size of my torso, and another guy reading a book about heart transplants. Either he was considering the procedure, or already had it. Either way... Not to mention the other 9 assholes who went to the bathroom roughly 172 times each during the 4 hour flight. Stewardess even came around before the flight and gave the drill: "Are you able to something something something duties of the exit row something something something?" "Oh yeah. We're all able-bodied octatarians capable of pulling a forty pound door off the wall and coordinating an evacuation procedure for 90 people in the event of an emergency. Let's rock!"
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Holy Jebus. I'm actually starting to read these logs, and the ones for Northwest (whom I will be flying with) are all ways of capitalizing on their World Perks stuff or screwing with them by putting boulders in their luggage. That tells me one of two things. NW is actually nickel and diming their frequent flying patrons, who actually pay for their tickets (not employers paying), or people expect too much from their airlines. I mean, people are talking about putting 50 pounds of boulders in their luggage to increase the plane's burn rate, never mind the 120 people on board who are flying once a year to see their family and take on a carry on and one suitcase of clothing. What the hell to people expect?

I'm not sure what to think of these people. Sure $150 is a lot of money to move me from one side of the country to another in 2 hours, but damn. It sounds like a message board for whiney bitches who have nothing to do but complain about the 99% effectiveness of their chauffers and the lack of gourmet meals for an 8 minute puddle jump from Orlando to New Orleans.

I just want an alternative to driving 28 hours on a transmission I replaced by hand (with one bolt left... how odd) and lodging. What do people expect? Personal Star Trek transporters?
posted by askheaves at 12:22 AM on December 19, 2002

What do people expect? Personal Star Trek transporters?

Yes. Yes, I do.
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I'm actually starting to read these logs. . .

It sounds like a message board for whiney bitches. . .

uh, are you referring to the site linked above? I didn't see anything like that on there. boulders? huh? Wouldn't all this be better served in your own blog?
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