Flash mouse-controlled face
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Come up and see me, make me smile. [Flash mouse-over from Bifurcated Rivets.]
posted by Carlos Quevedo (8 comments total)
I love it, the interaction with the mouse makes the face seem amazingly alive. It's almost too intimate, making me feel self conscious about poking her like that. Great use of Flash. I wish it had some sounds.
posted by gametone at 4:39 PM on December 19, 2002

Except... it isn't Flash, is it?
posted by jonson at 4:55 PM on December 19, 2002

Nope, just some really interesting JavaScript. Really interesting feat, at any rate, although I'm at a loss as to exactly how it's supposed to work *shrug*
posted by cyrusdogstar at 4:58 PM on December 19, 2002

In other news, my overuse of the phrase 'really interesting' is really interesting :P
posted by cyrusdogstar at 4:59 PM on December 19, 2002

Now this is what I come to Metafilter for!
posted by rushmc at 5:27 PM on December 19, 2002

elapsed time: 21 hours, 48 minutes. woo hoo!
posted by quonsar at 6:03 PM on December 19, 2002

Fear of quonsar keeps me up most nights.
posted by ColdChef at 7:30 PM on December 19, 2002

JavaScript... No wonder, no sound. Fooled me, I wasn't looking while it loaded. Well, I'm even more amazed than I was before. Whatever the technique, it's an eerily life-like piece. Thanks Carlos.
posted by gametone at 8:45 PM on December 19, 2002

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