The Filth and The Fury.
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The Filth and The Fury. I went to see this film last night and it has to be one of the best music documentary (or, if you will, rockumentary) films I've seen. It charts the Sex Pistols rise and fall and is surprisingly funny and touching. It even manages to capture Seventies Britain in all its revolting glory. I think I shall now go and put a safety pin through my website.
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i thought this film was one of the most viciously funny things i've experienced in a really long time. i have yet to see 'the great rock n' roll swindle' (i've heard the frenchy version of 'anarchy in the uk,' though), which i've heard 'tfatf' is a pretty direct refutation of.

also this movie made me want to buy everything that siouxsie sioux has ever put out.
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The Great Rock and Roll Swindle is basically Malcolm McLaren blathering on about how he created punk, the Sex Pistols, manipulated the media and the public, etc.

I've always hated McLaren and his obnoxious manner. Punk was a result of working class disatisfaction and anger with the way things were. For some over educated ponce to claim that he not only invented punk, but did so to exploit the working classes is revolting.

Anyway, I think Malcolm McLaren's music speaks volumes about his talent.
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Trying to define punk is a futile gesture. There was too much of it happening in too many places for a single definition to stand without contridicting some other equally valid form. The trick is to pick a definition you can live with and properly argue at parties. In my as yet unwritten treatice "Who is the Candy Rocker?" I will lay out the Platonian view that will put an end to the what is punk question once and for all.
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