War on the Drug Czar
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The Marijuana Policy Project, after several set backs, is taking a shot back at the Drug Czar, John P. Walters, whom they see as the main opponent to their failed initiatives in november.
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Hmm. Seems to me like the correct way to go about things would be to increase information about marijuana, and spread the correct facts, in response to John's campaign of disinformation. Using rhetoric like "MPP Declares War on John P. Walters" (from the site) is only going to rile the white house, and sway people on the fence in favor of said entity.

That said, kudos to MPP. About time this asshole got deal with.

"We have recalled many of our agents from the war on drugs in order to combat the new front, terrorism".

"Damn! And we were so close to winning that one!"

posted by lazaruslong at 11:38 AM on December 21, 2002

Given the current state of the state, I think this stands about 1/4th of a snowballs chance in hell. If that.
posted by damnitkage at 1:22 PM on December 21, 2002

People in suits making reasonable arguments about marijuana policy are much more convincing than the standard grub trying to stuff a flyer into your hand in Cambridge. Still, I wonder why these people care enough to bother.

I think that current marijuana laws are assinine, but the energy of the people involved in this organization would be so much better spent on causes that boil down to more than "I should be allowed to get high."
posted by Mayor Curley at 7:11 PM on December 21, 2002

Yeah, but this is where government control gets a good test. Really, why so much effort on this from their end, eh?
posted by mblandi at 10:00 PM on December 21, 2002

What other right is more important than getting high?

Have you heard about what happened during prohibition? Why would prohibition of marijuana, about a third of the populations' drug of choice, be any less costly to society?
posted by chris0495 at 7:36 AM on December 22, 2002

You mean the guy tasked with enforcing drug laws is using his influence to affect legislation?

Dude... that's just wrong.
posted by cedar at 12:08 PM on December 22, 2002

Well, dude, in that he's doing it illegally, yes, it is wrong. Separation of powers and all that.
posted by ook at 5:56 AM on December 23, 2002

the energy of the people involved in this organization would be so much better spent on causes that boil down to more than "I should be allowed to get high."

"First they came for the pot-smokers, and I did not speak out because I don't smoke pot". Any infringement of human rights is just that. Simply because you have no personal interest in the activities being prohibited, that does not make it less of a cause. People are being criminalised and jailed, because of a preference. This is an issue I can care about regardless of my personal preference, just as I was behind the abolition of anti-sodomy laws and yet am heterosexual.
posted by walrus at 5:35 AM on December 24, 2002

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