Wealthy Donors
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We will take care of it for you The rich, or at least one rich guy in this article, donate money to their preferred political party out of deference to what's best for their employees. Is your boss looking out for your best interests?
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My boss looks out for my best interests (and yours). Regarding the article: money talks - it's a fact. Not necessarily good or bad, simply reality.
posted by davidmsc at 12:37 PM on December 22, 2002

What a considerate boss! Selflessly handing out $90,000 on the Senate floor to combat stronger workers' comp insurance so that he and other employers wouldn't be forced to move out of Texas and therefore uproot or fire employees.

Sounds like he's using that kind of tortured logic because he can't admit to himself that he's buying politicians for his own selfish ends. Note that he quest to do what's best for his employees also includes "less regulation and opposition to unions and personal-injury lawyers." What's frightening is that he seems to genuinely believe that he's acting on behalf of his employees, who "are not able to contribute" (hmmm... who might be in a position to change that?) and, presumably, aren't savvy enough to have their actual opinions taken into account when the money's being handed out.
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