It's spanish lottery madness season!
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It's spanish lottery madness season! No less than 1.8 billion € Cash Payout for "El Gordo", most of it won today. You didn't have any ticket? Try "El Niño 2003" on january 6th - but only 560 € millions to win. All this makes me wonder: did any fo you ever won anything substancial in a lottery? I once won some stuffed pink bunny at a highschool year end party draw - that's as far as I could go.
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And beware of scam and swindle - Nigeria style.
posted by ugly_n_sticky at 11:32 AM on December 22, 2002

Interestingly, I have found that by not playing the lottery, I have won self-respect and a passion for things money cannot buy.
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Nobody told you? No one ever wins anything in any lottery. The media gets a share for the cover-up work and the government takes the rest.

Remember, lottery is a tax for people who doesn't know math...
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You should really take a sec and spell-check your post.
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My new neighbours bought and rebuild their house for the 1.5 million € they won... lucky bastards
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there was a girl in my junior high whose family won $15 mill in the california lotto.

anyways, i guess that screws my chances.

(logicians: yes, this probably is an incorrect statement).
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What has 6 balls and screws Mexicans?


(commence applause)

Thank you very much - I got nothing.
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I don't play the lottery, nor do I gamble. This isn't out of any sort of moralizing -- I just do a cost/benefit analysis. I could spend $20 gambling. I could get more fun out of it if I used that $20 to purchase a movie ticket, some popcorn, and a soda. Or if I went to a bar with music and got a beer. Or if I bought two good books. Et cetera. $1 for ten seconds of scratch-off anticipation and fantasizing about riches doesn't do it for me, thanks.

(Besides, I fantasize about riches for free.)
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interesting link between the two lottery names, "el gordo" and "el niño", and another famous event. They translate to "fatman" and "(little) boy" which as you may remember are also the names of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan at the end of WW II.




you decide.
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six lottery tix in 15 years. matched four of six for $120 once.
posted by aiq at 8:36 AM on December 24, 2002

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