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"Feith and Luti see everybody not one hundred per cent with them as one hundred per cent against them—it's a very Manichaean world," a defense consultant said. the "Office of Special Plans"???? i thought the new homeland security bill was going to get people to start working together?
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I thought the Homeland Security Bill was a for the administration to hand out vast lucrative contracts to its friends and getting its claws into a heretofore untouchable civilian bureaucracy, but that whole kettle of fish is kinda simmering on the back burner for the next 2 years, while the cogs of government grind along at a depressingly slow rate.

But that tangential issue doesn't detract from this fantastic piece of reportage (how does Seymour do it? Great correspondent!) How freaking scary that Rummy's coup is actually within his grasp. How freaking scary that the super-top brass are looking to get rid of military leadership that disagrees with the assaination method---just because they rose to power under Clinton? Jeebus, save us!

And what's with the border of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay? Al-Q's in South America now?

Fighting for democracy. What a hoot.
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