Oh, those wacky Japanese animators!
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Pinpin Lelapin...While surfing on a Singapore site called FlashMove, I came across a zany Flash site: A wonder bit of inscrutable Japanese-inspired French animation from Studio Tanuki in the form of Pinpin Lelapin, an adorable pink balloon bunny rabbit who farts on people. In addition to the giddy animation and stylised artwork on the site is the unique "Super Mario"-type run-and-jump navigation. (Note: Mostly in French, with some Japanese and broken English. Contains Flash, music, farts, giant mecha battles and a Sailor Moon parody.)
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I recommend the Harry Belafonte theme. I also liked this very considerate warning:
It will be a great panic soon, because your cursor will disappear ! But you're not an hacking victim ! You have just to learn how to use your new navigation tool..."
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I could be wrong, but the Octopus is from Parodius. Parodius is a series of light-hearted Konami shooters based off of Gradius. But then again, who knows? Maybe it is just some kind of Japanese meme? Yes, and a Power Rangers parody, Gundam parody, Star Blazers parody, as well as a general video game parody. I liked the Pimpinsonic brand phone. Good 'toon!
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"This panty has no use"? Love it!
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an adorable pink balloon bunny rabbit who farts on people

Funny, that's as far as I had to read on this one. Next!
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It's always TOTALLY AWESOME when somebody reads a post and comments on it making sure everyone knows they're NOT going to read that post and comment on it.

This is fun, by the way, but my computer's too slow.
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I think a bit of pink bunny farting here and there can be an amusing way to diffuse some of the hot air that has a tendency to build up in this place. I'm for more and more bunnies! And hot air diffusion!
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Hurrah for the diffusion of pinkness and bunniness!

Could somebody open a window too? Phew!
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Don't they smell like carrots?
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