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Dave Barry's Year in Review is a hilarious month-by-month recap of 2002. Always funny, and sometimes rather poignant, for Dave. Also, a great UK Year-in-Review satire. Enjoy.
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If I could be anyone when I grow up (other than MiguelCardoso) it would be Dave Barry. He is just consistently funny, especially when it's so close to home: "But the big sporting event is the Winter Olympics, which brings thousands of athletes and spectators from around the world to Salt Lake City to celebrate the official Olympic theme: ''A Salute To Metal Detectors.'' The games go smoothly at first, except in the alpine events, where the competitors, their skis having been confiscated by airport security, must slide down the mountain on their butts."
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Mr. Barry appears to have discovered how politics work:

Speaking of close calls: On June 14 a giant asteroid, discovered only three days earlier, passes within 75,000 miles of the Earth. Congress immediately holds hearings, with the Democrats charging that the Bush administration should have known about it sooner, and the Republicans noting that the asteroid had been heading this way during all eight years of the Clinton administration. The CIA acknowledges, under questioning, that at one point it was tracking the asteroid, but lost the file. In the end, all parties agree that airport security needs to be tightened.

I still want the bumper sticker "Dave Barry for President (It's time we demanded less)"
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And speaking of fugitives: Martha Stewart, pursued by the Securities and Exchange Commission, flees to a remote area of Westport, Conn., and barricades herself inside a primitive cabin with only nine bathrooms.

Patently untrue. There are no cabins in Westport with only 9 bathrooms.
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Hilarious as usual, but what about 2003?
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I've been scanning the newstands for Esquire Magazine's Dubious Achievement Awards which ranks right up there with this Dave Barry piece on the funny-o-meter. Are they still doing that annual issue?
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2002 in Review at
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Always funny

Never funny. The humor struck me as rather weak, like warmed over late night monologue fare.
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I find Dave Barry 'sometimes' funny. Websavvy (and anyone else), what columnists do you find funny?
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quirked - for online funny check out Fanatical Apathy by Adam Felber.
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