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Samuel Pepy's weblog. Starting on January 1, 2003, Phil Gyford will be running Samuel Pepy's diary entries (who's he?), starting with January 1, 1660. [via Interconnected]
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Hey neat, Michael was doing this a ways back as well.
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"...that he that doth get a wench with child and marries her afterward it is as if a man should shit in his hat and then clap it upon his head." Coming up on October 7, 2003 - er, 1660.
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Seems an odd blog. You take a guy's diary and scan it in each day. I prefer to read a book, journal, or otherwise, at my pace rather than looking at each's day's blog entry.
Butifit gets folks to read what they might otherwise not have read then it is all to the good.
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Not to nitpick (OK--I admit it, I'm nitpicking :-), but his name was Pepys, not Pepy :-).
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But his diary is available at any library if you want to read at your own pace. It will be interesting if the weblog format will pique people's interest just because you have to wait for an update each day. I never read the print version despite all my good intentions, but I can add this to my start page and finally make my way through. In fact, if it's as good as it is said to be, I probably will pick up a copy to read all the way through.

(And if the technology had been available to him, I think Pepys would have loved to gossip, feud with and delink other bloggers :-)
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Give me a break. This is so, like, 1660.
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and is pronouned, "peeps". . .fyi. . . .I think that this project is so bitchen. . . .good for phil!
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Not to nitpick (OK--I admit it, I'm nitpicking :-), but his name was Pepys, not Pepy :-).

And I was an English major. I--I'm so ashamed. There must be some non-me person I can blame for this.
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I'd rather read Julius Caesar's weblog, myself.
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Too bad James Boswell never had a weblog.
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