Hogmanay ya Bass !
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a guid new year? like {35CC94BD-A74D-474f-8BBE-F13BE600E407}?
posted by stupidcomputernickname at 7:34 AM on December 31, 2002

In Scotland, New Year's Eve is called Hogmanay, a festival which celebrates all that's simple and good in life and welcomes in the new year.

Delightfully bright, sarge. Happy New Year to you, my good man.

And a Happy New Year to All, and best in the coming year!
posted by hama7 at 7:36 AM on December 31, 2002

"the whole town was in an uproar: from twelve o clock last night until late this night blowing of horns, beating of drums, tinkling of old tin kettles, firing of guns, shouting, bawling, fiddling, fifeing, drinking, fighting..."
Those were the days.
Gelukkig Nieuw Jaar everyone.
posted by ginz at 7:54 AM on December 31, 2002

Ik Stee Beefular Nozog! to each and every one of you.
posted by quonsar at 8:12 AM on December 31, 2002

'Could never love
And the Psycho-Mafia
I'm talking about love

Happy New Year from the bottom of England ;-)
posted by i_cola at 10:40 AM on December 31, 2002

fuckin ell its busy out here...

may all your bingo masters breakout folks
posted by sgt.serenity at 6:21 PM on December 31, 2002

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