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The magazine industry's oddest moments this past year include a very "Bird Talk" September 11 and Detroit (among other cities) being named Maxim's "The Greatest City on Earth".
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"There were a lot of "Huh?" moments in... 2002."
this is one of them.
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There are some gems in there...

The cover of the January 2003 issue of High Times, the marijuana magazine, asks the question: "Was Jesus a Stoner?"

Inside, the answer comes back and it's a resounding affirmative. Citing "outlawed Christian texts," the gospel according to High Times proclaims the good news: Jesus anointed his disciples with a powerful potion composed of olive oil and marijuana. The result, High Times reveals, was "knowledge of all things."

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Detroit is the greatest city on Earth. One reason: Red Wings.
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If Maxim keeps this up they're going to have a serious credibility problem . . .
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Is there a MetaFilter username and password for the Washington Post website?
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Oops! I mistook their survey for a login.
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If Maxim keeps this up they're going to have a serious credibility problem . . .

I don't know how much credibility Maxim has had at the best of times.

You could probably do this kind of list in any year - I bet 2002 wasn't any exception in terms of bizarre magazine moments. However, there are specific magazines that have gone downhill. I used to read Glamour very regularly ten years ago and I don't remember seeing anything anywhere near as stupid as the Spinach Experiment. Evidently Glamour hasn't recovered from the Bonnie Fuller effect.
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Apperently they've found a Bat-boy living in a cave. Now THERE'S some news with some teeth to it.
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Wow, nice slash at JANE: "Jane, the increasingly vulgar and idiotic women's magazine, ran a cover story on actress Lara Flynn Boyle and printed this comment on the spine of the magazine: "This cover girl made our writer puke."

I'm in favor of all anti-JANE sentiment, since I had such high hopes for it as the adult SASSY, and it totally disappointed me.
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'Sir, are you watching Fox again?'
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I have to admit, the Maxim part is pretty funny.

They really are players.
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That site really doesn't handle it well if you don't have cookies enabled...
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