Sushi Seal Family
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The Sushi Seal Family are simultaneously sushi and seals. Actually, judging by the sample movie and the episode guide, it seems more like "Barbapapa" meets Zen koans. But it's big in Japan, apparently. (Via Geegaw.)
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Each episode is quite different from the other, so even if your cold, charmless heart doesn't cotton to the sample movie, you're bound to find yourself quivering with laughter over one of 'em. Go cable!
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None of the links work for me. Anyone else?
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I had to go to the home page first before the links worked.
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Hmm, that's odd. I don't have any problem with the links (on either IE5/Mac or Mozilla). What happens when you click on them?
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I'm so ashamed. I usually "get" japanimation, but this one competely escapes me. Please to is this "Teletubbies meets Southpark?"
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Only in Japan. I see that the omelet triplets are named Ta-chan, Ma-chan and Go-chan, from "tamago" (eggs). Still, it's no weirder than "Tokyo Pig".
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Anyone else?

Non of the links work for me either. nslookup couldn't find so its probably some kind of DNS problem.
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Actually I was trying If you remove the www part, the links work for me. Try this.
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Strangely, for me it's the opposite
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[sorry...] For me it's the opposite: doesn't work without the www, but works fine with it.
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I received a stuffed set of the Tamago-Kids for Christmas 2000: "They are always togehter (sic)." Indeed they are; they are attached in a pyramid and it would be difficult to separate them. Dad gets to carry around a slice of salmon and Mom is, fittingly I suppose, the roe.

(I lifted this text from my weblog instead of self-linking ;-).
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Whoa! Something really wacky is popular in Japan?

Who'da thunk?
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The japanese seem to love combining cute animals and food. I have a Sushi Kitten sitting on top of my monitor as we speak. :) It's from the Nyan Nyan Nyanko character set by San-X.
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I've never heard of it, but then, I'm no anime fan. However, I refuse to recognize a cartoon about a family with seafood names other than Sazae-san. It's like somebody made a cartoon about a screwy rabbit and named him Rugs Bunny. Teletubbies meets South Park? This just highlights that mouthy sarcasm doesn't work in Japanese. The Japanese dub of the Simpsons isn't funny. You gotta listen in English.
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I'm disappointed there's no sound in the sample movie. This strikes me as something that would have a really cool theme song.
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I actually saw this on 50cups and she has a clip of the theme song.
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Err, she did, anyway.
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At Uwajimaya, an Asian grocery store in Seattle, you can buy gummy sushi (called osushi gumi) featuring the sushi seal family, with stickers etc. The fish part is gummy and the rice is marshmallow.

Now I must see the show.
posted by wrench at 7:39 PM on January 5, 2003

the faces of the seal family remind me of qoo.
it's a japanese soft drink (sadly owned by c*ca-c*la), and each bottletop has one of a series of qoos on it. i tried to collect the whole set, but my teeth rotted.

going back to the seal-sushi, is the show promoting the idea that seals=rice? are we getting the message that it's cool to eat seals? i guess japanese kids are down with surrealism and don't need warning labels on everything.
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