Václav Havel
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I oppose the Bush Administration and I believe a new political party needs to be created to protect the interests and the freedoms of the citizens of the United States. I propose a new party called the Freedom Party. I invite you all to join me. Who is with me? Check this post out on into the future, if I put something together, details will be forthcoming.
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I believe a new political party needs to be created to protect the interests and the freedoms of the citizens of the United States

Wow. Now there's a completely new idea. Unfortunately, it appears as though the majority of the population either thinks A) that things aren't actually too bad in the 'ol USA, or B) that any changes they desire can be expressed within the construct of currently existing parties.

Of course, this is a terrible thought to anyone who believes "radical" change is necessary, and to whom all politicians are little other than the paid lackeys of moneyed interests, and the populace composed of nothing but mindless media-lead sheep. Unfortunately, getting a good head of steam up for a revolution is sort of difficult when most Americans (fools that they are) are actually deluded enough to believe that they already live in one of the most free and open countries on earth. Idiots.
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Nice find rocketpup, but to be snarky back to you, if you check out the whois records, the person who owns the URL is from Canada. What that means, and what his credentials are, I'm not sure. Regardless, it seems as though they do little more than publish articles. I will contact them for more information, maybe I can join.
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Wherever did you learn to be so smug, Midas?
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*Sigh*, I'd love to see this thread get back on track, especially to acknowledge and probe Havels' surprising (apparent) rhetorical and political support for some (qualified) form of War On Islamic Nasties: "Evil must be confronted in its womb and, if it can't be done otherwise, then it has to be dealt with by the use of force."

For irreproachable and hyper-articulate Havel to frame the issue using the same language as Dumb Cowboy Bush™ is huge, and is (or should be) a boon for the US. [full text of Havel's speech, NYC 9/20/02]
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Thanks for the link HC.
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Banished: Snarkiness aside ;-) freedomparty.us is affiliated with Freedom Party International, which seems focused on publishing papers and periodicals as well as being "dedicated to organizing political parties in political jurisdictions around the globe."

Around the globe seems to mean, so far, Ontario, Canada at large, and the US.

I didn't go that far into investigating Freedomparty.us' credibility because my snarkiness was limited to the choice of name, not extending to the core of your idea. I figured that "Freedom Party" would already have been widely used and a Google search seems to support that idea. (Our friend the Washington Times reminds us that in Austria, Joerg Haider's "Freedom Party" is the right-wing anti-immigration party.) In order to make a new Freedom Party a national force, it would have to be able to command enough resources to dominate the name over all the other ones and even then would likely be harried my many cases of mistaken identity. I think a more distinctive name would serve better.
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banished: Not to be a downer or anything, but joining/founding one of the many tiny political parties is likely to do little but doom you to a life of irrelevance. Maybe you would be interested in the Free State Project, which (I would argue) has a non-negligible probability of actually accomplishing something.
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