Silva Rhetoricae
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Silva Rhetoricae: the Forest of Rhetoric. Don't know what an erotema is? Just why are you so stupid? Can't tell an apoplanesis from an aposiopesis? Then Gideon O. Burton's excellent guide to classical and renaissance rhetoric may be for you.
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yeah, but I get enough of this by watching CNN and other news channels cover politics.
posted by ericdano at 2:50 AM on January 8, 2003

You shouldn't be so cynical of rhetoric, ericdano.
After all, a noble spirit embiggens the smallest man.
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This is great. Well organized, easy to understand. I always like learning the names for things that I can describe, but not label. I read the Aristotle's poetics during a couple commutes this summer and enjoyed it quite a lot.
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Nice reference site!
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Ahhh, now I remember why I come here instead of Fark. Great link.
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This has been one of my favorite reference sites for a long time, since I find formal rhetoric fascinating and many of these words can't be found in dictionaries anymore. I had the domain for a while, and I always directed people to the Silva Rhetoricae when they asked what the hell an ecphrasis was.
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I studied Rhetoric under Gideon at the Y a few years ago, and even helped him with the site. Of course that was years ago (years and years ago!). Man he was a great professor, one of my favorites. Thanks for the link misteraitch—can't believe I didn't think to post it.
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Fascinating stuff. Thanks!
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What a welcome change from politics, war, and SUV's.
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