Who Needs a Pie?
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Dow and Their PR Agency got more than a pie in the face, more like egg all over 'em. Two different activist parody productions exposed their continuing despicable behaviour toward the Union Carbide release in India back in '84 when thousands died and many more continue with serious health problems. Dow and said PR firm tried to get the sites shut down, which just generated a WHOLE BUNCH more negative publicity. The sites were moved, but remain for you viewing pleasure.
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Ok ok, NOW I find it, though the article above has a bit more information and links than the Chemical Engineering News article linked in previous thread....

The PR firm has also been pulled into the fray.

Strikes me as ye good ol' truism: Don't wrestle with a pig, you'll only get muddy, and the pig likes it!
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acutetype - I'm writing that one down - "Don't wrestle with a pig......"

Maybe it's like "Wiley Coyote" and the "RoadRunner"

"meep meep.....meep meep..." *zooms off, leaving dust cloud*
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Back in the day, my college roomate vehemently declared that he'd bet the settlement for Bhopal never came to more than $300 a life. One of us owes the other a Coke over that one, but I never figured out who.
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