Kids shamed on the internet!
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Kids shamed on the internet! A father of two, seeing his kids getting into endless trouble, decided to try a different kind of tough love and post about them on his local town's message board (turn the speakers down on this link).
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Ha! He sent them an owl with screamer.
posted by jfuller at 8:34 AM on January 13, 2003

HMMM and how did they get to be like that then?
Need i point out that this guy is boosting his ego at his childrens expense?
posted by sgt.serenity at 9:35 AM on January 13, 2003

I think that we, as a society, should use shame more than we do. We are so eager to be accepting of everything that we don't shame people who need to be shamed. Public scorn is a powerful weapon. I don't think we need to go the way of the scarlet letter, but a little shaming might be good in some cases.

Kids to give a damn what their parents say, but what SOCIETY says means the world to them. These kids needed it, and it appears to have worked a bit. Imagine how your behaviour would have changed if the stupid things you did were posted for all to see. Your classmates. The girl/boy you liked. These kids are punks and needed a kick in the pants. I commend the father for trying something different.
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...but he is using comic sans!
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And why not? It's the font of foibles and gaffes.
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If I was one of those kids, I would be uploading every embarrassing (or illegal) thing my dad had ever done to the internet right now, lol.
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but a little shaming might be good in some cases.

Right a little, not for the entire world. How long will it be displayed? Meaning when will the punishment end. When they behave, which is never, were not perfect.

Like his site, way too overboard. I kept hearing sirens then I realized it was this site.

Need i point out that this guy is boosting his ego at his children expense?

Spend less time on the site at home & more with kids. Or even spend his time watching them better, as they are not making correct decisions for themselves.

Well, the father does seem concern that it may come back on him, their crimes.
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This was on TV here the other night and my immediate thought was to wonder if he realises that his kids have got that way because of the way he brought them up. Perhaps the one who should be shamed on the Internet is him, for not doing what he is supposed to?

My second thought was "I wonder if he realises that he has now created a more or less permanent record of this behaviour". With Google caching sites all over the place, could this come back to haunt these kids when they are older and, perhaps, acting in a more socially acceptable manner? Sort of like the girl who lets her boyfriend take nude photos of her and spends the rest of her life being embarrassed as they turn up all over the Internet.

These kids obviously need a kick up the arse (as do lots of kids, I feel), but people need to think about the nature of the Internet before they use it as a temporary medium.
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