Jeff Koons on his art:
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Jeff Koons on his art: "I'm interested in making objects that you would want to grab and take with you if your house was burning down. " He also says he's really into cereal boxes. New York Times (registration required)
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I always feel weird linking to NY Times articles. Anyone know how long their articles live until their sent off to the pay-only archives?
posted by lockecito at 6:36 AM on June 27, 2000

I wouldn't know. I purposefully avoid NYT precisely because they still insist on having pay only archives. I'll spend money for some things online, but not that. You can find enough free stuff online about this guy with more on the way. Maybe not as informative and well-written as the New York Times, but

Awww... Iddint dis sweet? i think i'm gonna hurl..
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>Maybe not as informative and well-written as the New York
>Times, but

I agree that the NY Times pay-for-old-news policy sucks, but (call me crazy), I DO care about good information and good writing.
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So do I, but what makes the NYT think their good info and writing are worth money while practically everyone else's good info and writing are free?

Actually, what really annoys me about the NYT is that "free registration" page that you have to go through EVERY TIME you want to read something there. Each time I've gone through that bogus registration to check out a news article, I've always wound up thinking "this story's barely worth a click to read, let alone registering". The NYT may be the paper of record, but it's not my record. Their stories usually seem pretty wooden and gray to me.
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Do the username and password "cypherpunks"/"cypherpunks" not work any more?
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I find it ironic that the Dayton Daily News (hardly a paper of record) also has the same pay-for-old-news stuff, but old news for them is pretty much yesterday's paper.

Any other papers still doing this?
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Did I do something "wrong?" I just clicked on the link above and it took me right to the article. I don't think I have a cookie with any logon or password.

As for Jeff Koons, he's the meister of "sell." Heard him talk at his alma mater, the Maryland Institute of Art, a few years back. Remember when he was being sued by a photographer for using a photo as inspiration for one of his pieces? He was just hoping the Supreme Court would hear the case. They didn't and he lost (he wasn't apologetic one iota for his copyright infringement)!
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