Has hell frozen over?
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An article at robgalbraith.com, a digital photography site, has sparked a fascinating discussion of the merits of Macs vs. those of PC's, as they apply to digital photography. Actually, the article and discussion aren't terribly interesting, but the fact that the discussion is a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas and opinions and not a take-no-prisoners flamewar, is.
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The mac could be 10 times slower, and i'd still use it over Windows. :) Its just so much nicer in so many other areas.. OS X is awesome.

Take no prisoners!
posted by benh57 at 1:15 PM on January 13, 2003

Obviously you never saw an Alienware box.

Those things are purty.

Take no prisoners!
posted by linux at 2:04 PM on January 13, 2003

“I’m right!”

“No, I’m right!”
posted by jpburns at 2:05 PM on January 13, 2003

The discussion was nice, at least at first. Good numbers Alienware, nice and fast (at least at the raw stuff). I'm interested how the Dell Workstation laptop would do.
posted by tomplus2 at 2:15 PM on January 13, 2003

Interesting discussion. I forget the exact text but one poster summed it up quite well saying something to the effect of, "this didn't tell us anything new...just in more detail."

Lacking a passionate zealotry for any OS all I can say is as a developer and end user, I welcome closer competition.
posted by rudyfink at 2:52 PM on January 13, 2003

Your OS sucks!
posted by PenDevil at 12:17 AM on January 14, 2003

Just about the only thing Mac's have ahead of PC's at this point is digital video editing, at least until Final Cut Pro is ported over.

Though the Apple Cinema Display is a tasty piece of hardware, real graphics professionals use CRT.
posted by Civil_Disobedient at 3:15 AM on January 15, 2003

The user experience through the OS is more satisfying on a Mac. I can fudge my way through Windows, but OS X really makes it a pleasure to use a computer.
posted by scalz at 9:03 AM on January 15, 2003

I have to say that I was about to buy a TiBook until I read this report. I love the idea of OSX and the iApps and integration with the iPod, but that Alienware/Sagernotebook laptop is really compelling.
posted by gen at 9:04 AM on January 15, 2003

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