Entire streetscapes of the liveliest areas in London
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Streets of London photoguide. Explore them from the comfort of your chair. Find that particular restaurant or bar online before you meet up for MeFiLondon. Not only that, they answer some really neat trivial questions.
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Very cool. Now I can see more of my favorite city without taking time off from work. (and nurture my fantasies of being a London tour guide.)
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Another way to take a virtual tour of London would be to buy a copy of The Getaway for the PlayStation 2. Race any number of super fast cars through the aforementioned streets (reproduced and rendered in beautifully uncanny detail) whilst dodging (or not) police, fellow gangsters and pedestrians. Good wholesome fun for all the family.
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Ah, you are whetting my appetite for a visit to London, riffola - cool link, thanks. Another London resource I am saving in my bookmark file is the London Free List - despite the unattractive front page, seems to have a lot of good & current info on free or low cost events and places.
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I can't find the Man in the Moon pub on the end of King's Road in Chelsea. Isn't it there anymore, or does the map just stop short of it?

Here's a trivial fact: I once met Tom Baker (AKA Dr. Who) there on my first trip to London (circa 1982). Nice guy...
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No way! Did he offer you any jelly babies?
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It's a nice idea, but any guide to Frith street that doesn't include the Arts theatre bar, one of the dirtiest, smelliest (and therefore authentic) bars in London is missing something. I know ostensibly it's a members only bar, but they don't really seem too fussed about that these days.

Worth checking out if you're coming over, though beware, it doesn't open until about 10. And rumour has it the owner is Kim Novak's son (though this may be rubbish).
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It's a good accurate site, and the concept should be extended to more streets. Mine, for instance.

"The Getaway" has an amazing number of branded stores in the correct locations, but disappointingly only recreates the very most major roads (the others are missing), and rarely much architecture. Certainly worth playing for Londoners, though.
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Great site. (jpburns, you're right, the map doesn't seem to cover Chelsea - such a resource for all of London's 900-odd square miles would indeed by a fabulous undertaking!)
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We're planning a MeFiAmsterdam.
Somewhere between October and April 2003/2004.
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No way! Did he offer you any jelly babies?


No, but he did give me an autographed postcard that read,
“Who? You might well ask... -- Tom Baker”

... which I’ve stuck in a book and misplaced...
posted by jpburns at 6:36 AM on January 18, 2003

Heddon Street (off Regent Street) is where the cover of David Bowie's album Ziggy Stardust was photographed. While in London for work in 2001, the first photos I took were of that street at the appropriate angles.

Sad, I know.
posted by John Shaft at 1:27 AM on January 19, 2003

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