so...that must mean everyone here is...ohmigod!
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so...that must mean everyone here is...ohmigod! (this is the funniest example of pink journalism i've seen in ages.)
posted by patricking (3 comments total)
Funny... I don't feel gay. Maybe my heterosexuality is just a phase and I'll grow out of it.
posted by dogwelder at 4:27 PM on June 27, 2000

I admit it. I'm heterosexual. I like women.

I know it's wrong; I've tried to fight it, but damn it all it's what I am and I'm not going to try to change it any more. And if you can't handle my heterosexuality, then you better not try to be my friend. And that's all there is to it.

posted by Steven Den Beste at 10:49 PM on June 27, 2000

politically, i don't have anything against heterosexuality, it's just that the act itself is so...eww.

posted by patricking at 11:34 AM on June 28, 2000

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