I just got a postcard of an unknown creature...
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1932, Wyoming: Douglas Herrick and his brother Ralph go hunting and discover the Jackalope. The legend spreads across the globe. 2003, Wyoming: Douglas Herrick dies. Jackalopes all over the world mourn. (last link NYT, and courtesy of Tom Tomorrow)
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I'm fast as fast can be, you'll never catch me!!!
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Line breaks?
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This is a metatalk circle jerk waiting to happen.
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My favorite jacklope statue is in downtown Douglas, Wy, the birthplace of the legand. Mr. Herrick was a local taxidermist there. The statue is 8 ft tall, possibly the largest in the world.

Wow, does knowing this make me pathetic, or what?
posted by jazon at 7:12 AM on January 20, 2003

jazon: Not in the slightest. In fact, making the pilgrimage there would make you unbelievably cool.

Especially if you took pictures.
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yeah, sorry about the line breaks -- I thought I got it all worked out, and yet they appeared. deeply irritating.
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chicobangs - next time I pass through I'll try to snap a few. ROAD TRIP!

On further reflection, I probably have some in an old photo album somewhere.
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Man, Google Image-ing on "jackalope" yields a wealth of funstuff: For example, this embroidered jackalope. I think he's supposed to be standing next to a thistle plant, but instead it looks like he's taking a really massive crap...

(Matt should take care of the breaks, and then No Biggy. I think maybe there were just ‹p›‹/p›'s in there, no? They don't work here.)
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Jackalope, jackalope, that's all I hear... Basselopes just don't get no respect... (LOL: "exhaust"! Is there a little homage to Seuss here, too?)
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"To catch the elusive jackalope, you must become the elusive jackalope...

"And that ends our seminar. Happy hunting and good luck to you."
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SHHHH!!! Be vewy, vewy quiet...I'm trying to catch a jackawope!
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So here I am, getting off a plane in South Korea in the mid 80s, taking a jackalope to a friend as a gift (he'd seen one in a tourist shop in Montana). The customs guy opens my bag and sees the jackalope. Having never seen such a creature, he calls over several other customs people to look at it. They begin a discussion to decide if this is some kind of endangered species. At first, I didn't help much saying that it was the "legendary jackalope, one of the meanest animals in the western US." Finally, when the supervisor came over I started to get worried and spent the next 10 minutes explaining the joke to them.

They finally let me through and let me keep my jackalope, but I think they all thought I was a kook.

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