As most of you know, Diablo 2 came out today.
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As most of you know, Diablo 2 came out today. Have any of you bought it yet? Have any of you tried to run it under WINE yet? Did it work?
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I've bought it, but don't know if it'll run in WINE or not.

It's a great game. I hope my wife visits me in the computer room often. :)
posted by dgallo at 5:03 PM on June 28, 2000

Wandered around in a Best Buy after work today, debating whether or not to buy something just cuz it was payday. I saw two boxes for Diablo II, but when I picked one up, it said "coming soon." They didn't have any yet. I thought that was pretty damned funny.

The game that jumped out at me from the shelves though, which I would have gotten if I thought my system could handle it, was Messiah. My God! The demo is almost a hundred meg!
posted by ZachsMind at 6:41 PM on June 28, 2000

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